RumiWhen you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving through you, a joy.


I am a single momma to 2 awesome boys who are my everything. Although my love affair with photography began many years ago, the flame was reignited after the birth of my first born. My children have taught me patience, love, strength, hope and to always follow my heart. Our time is precious, moments are fleeting, and photography has been a way for me to preserve these moments in time that I want to be able to look back upon for years to come.

I am a Studio Art graduate from the University of Vermont where I was able to study painting, photography, drawing, sculpture, art history, just to name a few. I do believe that these different medias have influenced and shaped the way I see, and ultimately, photograph my subjects.

My love of photography is visible in the work I produce. I am not simply taking photographs, I am pouring my heart and soul into capturing the true essence of you, of your family, of your small business, and transforming it into ART. I have realized over the years that my main purpose is to encapsulate time through photography. And that is what I hope to do for you!

joan marie

1728 E 2nd St
Scotch Plains, NJ 07076


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