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I was contacted by Evelyn Wiseman with Subkit at the end of June asking if she could interview me about my Go Solo Story. I was recommended by another photographer that I had begun a friendship with via Facebook, Kristen Matta with Blush Baby Photography. What a complete honor!

Photography is one of those industries where you can either choose to be a competitor or a colleague/collaborator. I’ve learned this over the years. There is so much you can gain by forging friendships with others in your industry. So much more than choosing to see everyone as your competitor <3

Thank you Kristen for recommending me, for our virtual brainstorming sessions, for your help and most of all for treating me as a friend and colleague <3. It means so much! And thank you, Evelyn, for sharing our Go Solo Stories with others who are business men and women or thinking about embarking on this journey <3!

You can read my interview here. If you are local to Boston, I highly recommend reaching out to Blush Baby Photography for your photography needs. You can read Kristen’s article here.

Are you someone who has a go solo story to tell? Do you know someone who is killing it and you admire for going solo? You can fill out your own interview story here or send the link to someone who has a story to share with others.

Winner of NJ Monthly and Unique Photo’s Cover Search

I’ve been so busy that I just haven’t made the time to update my blog posts! So here I go again LOL. I do this every few months. I put it off and then I put out a flurry of activity. Oh well, I will blame it on my ADHD.

Last year, one of my BIGGEST fans and supporters sent me a link to an article by NJ Monthly Magazine with a call for entries for their 2021 Cover Search. He encouraged me to submit one of my photos to the contest because he was sure I would win. 🙂 Dads, am I right? But he believes in me. He knows I’m passionate about what I do. And he knows that I am good at what I do. The best? Well, I mean there are TONS of amazing photographers in our Garden State. But I’ve been putting myself out there more and more. Because I believe in myself and I also believe in the power of vulnerability.

In 2020 I got a drone and my remote pilot license and found a whole new love for a new photography medium. Aerial Photography! I love it! And one day I took my boys to the beach right before a storm was coming. I put my drone up in the air and I captured some AMAZING shots of the ocean and the waves and the white caps breaking on the beach. It was awesome! And I thought that one of them was good enough to submit to the contest.

I didn’t expect to win. But one day I got a call from someone at NJ Monthly about my entry. And he told me that I was a finalist in the Drone category. I was stoked! He said there were thousands of entries and they had narrowed it down to the final few. And one of them was me! DANNGGGG!!! I was thrilled. They invited the finalists to Unique Photo for a reception where the winner(s) would be announced. CRAZY! I was invited!

So on a November evening, my sons and I drove up to Unique. My friend Jody, another huge supporter of mine and one of my best friends, met us there. So excited for me <3. And there it was. My photo displayed on the wall with a bunch of other amazing finalists. Next to it? 1st place in the Drone Category! OMG! Shocked and excited and nervous and surprised and PROUD!

Interesting fact…this is not the EXACT photo that was submitted to the contest. What’s the difference? If you look REALLY closely…you can see my 2 sons swimming in the surf. Yes, if you take 2 boys to the beach and expect them to just sit and watch you fly your drone and NOT go full out swimming in their clothes, they you’re crazy. LOL! Can you see them?

If you want to grow, put yourself out there. Believe in yourself. Just KEEP GOING! You might just win first place in a contest and get a 2nd Drone 😉 Oh, and they have started their call for submissions for NJ Monthly Cover Search 2022! Take a leap and submit something!

NJ | NYC | Food Photographer | Top 7 | Newark, NJ | Joan Marie Photography

Well, you might just call me a witch because I think I just manifested myself a rating of Top 7 Food Photographers in the Newark, NJ area!  And actually, I might be more excited and thrilled and happy and all the feelings about the actual write up and the description of my work than the actual accolade!

You see, I have said it before and I will say it again.  I am PASSIONATE about all photography genres.  I can’t fit into a little box of “specializing in”.  Maybe that’s a problem for some people, but I just can’t help it.  And that being said, what stood out most to me is how that came through to the writers at Peerspace.  My heart is bursting with joy and gratitude.  If you are interested in reading more, and see the other talented food photographers’ work, head on over to the article!  This completely caught me surprise (not sure why since I wished it into existence just last week) and made my day.  Thank you Peerspace for the recognition!

And thank you Universe for always providing <3

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