Congratulations!  I look forward to capturing photos just days after baby’s arrival, which will be cherished memories for your family. Newborn sessions are very unique in many ways. Below you will find an explanation of how best to prepare, what to expect, and your role during the photo session. Sessions can last anywhere from 1 to 3 hours depending on baby’s comfort and type of collection you purchased.

  • On the morning of your session, please turn up your heat to about 78 degrees. Babies cannot control their body temperature and by keeping the room warm we will not only help them keep warm, but will help keep them comfortable when they are in minimal clothing.
  • I ask that you wait to feed the baby until I arrive. By waiting to feed the baby, it will help baby sleep for our session (ideally). Keep in mind that your baby may need an extra feeding during the session because we are asking a lot from them and frequently, yet minimally, disturbing their sleep.
  • If you are bottle feeding, please make sure that you have extra formula on hand
  • Please make sure you have a pacifier (even if your baby is not taking one) in order for us to be able to sooth them to sleep and into the relaxed poses that we love so much.
  • Do not let baby nap immediately before our session. If babies sleep too much before the session, then they may not sleep DURING our session which is our goal! If baby is sleeping more than normal, please wake them up (as much as you may not want to) and keep them awake for at least 2 hours before our session. It can make sessions more difficult if we have a very awake baby.
  • Dress your baby in something easy to remove (preferably nothing that goes over their head or with little buttons).
  • If breast-feeding, avoid gassy foods!
  • Once I arrive, I assume the care of your baby until they need a feeding or unless I need your help with a pose. I do all of the soothing and you can sit back, relax and enjoy the show.
  • I will bring props, hats and headbands for the session. I will prepare a selection based on the questionnaire you filled out or communications we had.   I may need hands on from parents.  Don’t worry though, I will communicate my needs with you as we go!


Please do not have additional people at the session who are not being photographed.

Props are an addition to the session and not the main focus. If you have something specific in mind as far as a setup, please discuss this with me before our session. I will be happy to give my input on whether or not its safe or will work for your portrait session.

Avoid lotion as it has a tendency to make baby’s skin shiny.

Please let me know of any medical conditions or birthing complications before the session. During birth things happen that I will need to know about. Health issues always trump my age requirement.

If parents and/or siblings would like to participate in the newborn session please let me know so I may plan accordingly.

I’m so excited to meet your baby and I’m looking forward to our session!

Joan Marie

joan marie

1728 E 2nd St
Scotch Plains, NJ 07076


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