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Cousins…how much there is to say about cousins.  Its a special connection and warmness to know your cousins, even better if you actually respect and admire the humans that they are.  My cousin, Karen, doesn’t fall short of that.  She has the most infectious laugh, biggest smile and kindest heart.  I feel blessed and lucky and grateful to be able to call her my family.  I don’t see her often.  We as adults are all so busy with kids and activities and work.  I think its the downfall of the world we currently live in.  We lost the importance of connection.  It’s not our fault.  Its the demands of the world in which we live, our life circumstances, etc.  But I do believe, with all of my heart, that if we could address that as a society, if we could once again put FAMILY first, before all else, we would be happier.  We would have less depression.  We would have less needs for medication.  In the words of my favorite band (Phish), “If you can heal the symptoms, But not affect the cause, You can’t heal the symptoms”. Our society is currently in a state of disconnect, in every possible way.

But I digress…what is this post supposed to be about?  Oh, kids and newborns and happiness and motherhood, and family!  Sorry, I went off on a tangent there.  But I conclude with this, to know Karen is to love her.   You can’t NOT love her; its impossible.  Karen, I love you and your beautiful little family and I am SO HAPPY I was able to see you and meet your little girls <3

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