The Senior Experience

Remember when you first looked into their eyes? The first time you inhaled that sweet newborn smell? Holding your very own little miracle that you created and brought into the world? Can you believe how far they’ve come? How far YOU’VE come?

I get to witness a very special and unique experience and journey. I see the eyes of the new parents. I see the worry, the love, the moments of overwhelming gratitude. We take beautiful newborn pictures that you will look back on for years to come. And one day, you are looking at these newborn pictures saying “I can’t believe you’re going to be a Senior in High School”. And all of those feelings come flooding back.

But they are different now. New worries, a new type of love, and the gratitude. I am blessed to take those FIRST portraits of your children and then the LAST portraits of your children before they are off to college, starting the next chapter of their lives, embarking on adulthood. But we know…they will ALWAYS be that little baby in your eyes <3

I love these sessions because I love to capture portraits of people. But I especially love taking portraits of these amazing kids who are coming into themselves. I love to tell their story through my lens. To encapsulate who they are here and now and to show them how awesome they are. It is fun, it is authentic, it is true and it is empowering. And everyone leaves these sessions feeling a sense of joy and excitement and connection.

The Senior Experience is a unique way to tell your Senior’s story. Sessions are typically 1-2 hours with time for location and outfit changes. Contact The Studio to schedule your consultation today and let’s start planning your Senior’s Session!

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