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Dog Photography | Holiday Pet Portraits | Bloomingdale’s

dog photography

A store like no other!

Dog photography is one of my favorites to shoot! And what a fun time I had photographing Holiday Pet Portraits at Bloomingdale’s at the Willowbrook Mall for their Friends and Family event! I worked with some of their Store Managers who created this adorable Holiday set for the dog photography photo op! How cute is it??? Everyone who works there is so friendly, nice and attentive. Not only to their customers, but to me as their photographer for the day. It was really such a pleasure working with all of them. I really hope I get to do it again next year!

Who let the dogs out?

We had a great turnout for these pet portraits and all of these little fur babies were just SO CUTE! My assistant for the day, my 13 year old son, challenged me to see if I would be able to guess all of the breeds as they came up. And I don’t remember what the end tally was, but I was pretty spot on for nearly all of them! I don’t know where or how or why I learned all these different dog breeds, but you might just say I have a bit of a special talent when it comes to that. Now to figure out what this special power can do for me LOL!

I had planned on doing this solo, but I’m so happy my son came with me. I didn’t think about how much work and effort it would be to bring all of my equipment in, set it up, break it down, etc. It sure does help having a big strong teenager who suddenly towers over me there to help me with all of it. And we got to spend some nice quality time together which I have been missing. I also think it was good for him to see his mom hard at work, doing what she loves to do.

Mall rats

After the dog photography we took a stroll around the mall and I was transported through time and space to my childhood. The mall was the place to go when I was in my early teenage years! And admittedly I have not been to a mall in a long time. Quite possibly pre COVID?? Is that crazy? Is it possible? I don’t know, but it sure was nice to see the mall filled with people.

We went over to Champs, another store I haven’t been to in years to see what kind of clothes they were selling. I figured that my assistant earned some fresh new threads and we were able to get some nice deals on a couple of sweatshirts and plain solid t’s. He also found a really sweet Nike shirt that had a cool retro vibe. So I’d say all in all, it was a really great day <3

Thank you for your service <3

One of my dog models was a beautiful service do named Sage. Something about her just captivated me. I think it was those soulful eyes <3 I had to turn her image into a portrait. I do love doing these, but dog photography composites take a good deal more of time and effort to do. I thought it would be fun to show you a little before and after of that!

Now for the Holiday Photos!

To see more of my pet photogrpahy, click here!

Dog Photos | Pet Portraits

Zena (with a “z”) Warrior Princess!

Zena’s mom and dad reached out to me wanting to get some printed portraits of their baby Zena. Although Zena isn’t a baby. I believe she is about 5 years old. But dang, she has some puppy energy!

I love that about photography. I can be photographing Newborns one day and then dogs the next! Have you seen my dog photos? No? Well, you can see more of them here.

Mountain Dogs

Zena is a Entlebucher Mountain Dog, a breed related to the Bernese Mountain dogs. If you know anything about Bernies, you know that they are BIG dogs! They’re awesome actually. And lately you may have seen some Bernese Mountain Dogs mixed with Poodles, yielding the Bernedoodle! These dogs are so beautiful and I especially love their coloring. You can see the relation between Zena and the Bernies by their coloring for sure! I took an adorable photo of my friend’s Bernedoodle, Dexter, a couple of years ago. Here he is after stopping by my neighbor’s place, Simply Groomed.

dog photos

Say Cheese for your dog photos!

We took a ton of photos of Zena and in the end her mom and dad chose these 2 final images for their selections. And I have to say, I think they picked some good ones!

I don’t think it occurs to many people to have their dog photos done, but I love it! And they ARE a part of our family so why wouldn’t we want some portraits of them to hang around the home?


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