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Pics by my 7-year old

I honestly don’t know what to say.  This whole Coronavirus situation has me feeling so many things.  And can we just get real for a hot minute?  To quote my man, The Fresh Prince, “Our LIVES got flipped, turned upside down” overnight.  Literally overnight everything changed.  I’ve been quarantining with my kids since school closed indefinitely over a week ago.  Has it really only been a little over a week?  Well, I’ll have more to say about this so in the meantime, let’s get back on track and to what I’m actually posting about.

So in trying to get outside with the kids while also trying to make it fun and educational, I lent each of my sons one of my cameras.  The 3 of us set out to explore, to absorb our surroundings, to take our minds off of all the BIG stuff for a little bit.  I am starting them out with understanding aperture.  We all set our cameras to f/3.5 for the first day we went out (2nd day too, but that will be another post) and I kept the camera in aperture priority mode, letting the camera handle the rest.  It really made me see why it is so important to learn how to work your camera in manual.  While cameras do an okay job, they just don’t know what you are trying to accomplish. 

These are some of my favorites from Cole’s (7) first day with the camera.  He took the shots and I did the edits so you can call this a collaboration. Although the 2 shots of him (black and white) I took using his camera.  And I absolutely ADORE them!  The one of the 3 of his was done using the timer.  He set the camera up on the kitchen counter and we quickly got in the frame.  In time I will show them the editing process and see where their creative minds take them.  Maybe we can all shoot the same thing and then edit our own pics and see what each of us comes up with?  The best part about this?  My kids had a TON of fun doing this!   So I’m hopeful this will continue and we can enjoy lots more camera time together!





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