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This past Saturday I was so lucky to be able to spend the day in NYC. I live so close, but find that I visit the City maybe twice of year. If it’s more than that, it’s because The Boys (Phish) were in town and my FOMO was so heavy that I had no choice but to suck up the inconveniences associated with commuting to the city to get to a show (or more likely, shows – LOL). And you know what, I’m a brat because NJ Transit is actually quite convenient and really does a great job overall with their schedule and availability of buses and trains. I say that as NOT an everyday commuter because I’m sure there are people who would disagree! HA!

This weekend was actually the first time I took the bus into the city. And I was rather impressed with the quality of the bus, the seats, etc. I won’t talk about how I was looking at the window next to the seat infant of us noticing that the emergency bar was lifted up making me worried that the window was going to come flying off…oh wait, it did actually come loose and the guy infront of us had to quickly pull it back in before we got into the tunnel and I had a minor heart attack. YIKES!

Anyway, I digress. So, I went to the MOMA and I honestly don’t remember if I ever have been and if I have it was many, many years ago and I have no recollection of it. But what was the best part about it for me, was that they were featuring a Dorothea Lange exhibit. Most people know her for her famous picture of the Migrant Mother. It was taken in February/March of 1936 and was the iconic image of The Great Depression. It was actually one of a series of images and I recently watched a quick youtube video that details the progress of the photograph and the story behind it, first driving past the camp of migrant farmers altogether before turning around to document them, going from one shot, to removing the older daughter from the shot, to leading lines, etc. All about the creative process the Artist went through to end up with the strong and compelling composition we can see in the final work. What I also find so interesting is that she actually “removed” her thumb when she was processing the image because it was taking away from the powerful composition. This isn’t Photoshop you guys, this is in a dark room. I love it. This image is probably my most favorite photograph. But while I was there I was able to see some other images of hers. She was such an important figure to the social injustices of our country at the time. She used her “super power” (photography) to speak up against and bring awareness to the social situation in the US at the time. And I have so much admiration for her. If you don’t know about her, look her up. There is also an awesome Documentary about her called “Grab a Hunk of Lighting”. I highly recommend it!

Here are some pictures from my day with my favorite guy in NYC.


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