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Jaime and Fred | Headshot Photos

Latest Headshots at The Studio

It has been an active month of headshot photos at my Scotch Plains NJ portrait studio! I’ve had a number of Clients come in for updated corporate headshots. And I have even traveled to a couple of offices to capture some professional photos!

When I take headshots my goal is to get your classic corporate photos, but with a twist. I want my headshot photos to really capture my Client’s personality and give a little bit of edge and artistic flair to them. And I think I’m pretty good at that 😉

Both Jaime and Fred chose me because they liked my style. They wanted something a little different than the boring ol’ oh hey here is my camera and I’m going to just take a quick snap, badda bing, badda boom, you’re done. Borrrrrrinnnnnggggg…

Upon booking, I send my Clients a headshot guide to help them with outfit and color selection. And Pinterest…Pinterest is the best! I have a million pinterest boards (slight exaggeration). I have my own Pinterest board for headshots. But I also I always have my Clients create a pinterest board that we can share and reference when planning outfits and even refer to during the shoot! With my new setup I am able to tether my camera to my laptop. This gives us the ability to look at a large tv screen while we shoot. It gives real time results and make adjustments as we go!

Both Fred and Jaime chose my 3 file Collection. I am so glad they did because we had so many great shots! Here are the headshot photos that Fred and Jaime picked from their sessions. I love them!

Jaime’s Final Images

Fred’s Final Images

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Virginie | Headshots | Berkeley Heights, NJ

Don’t worry, I’m weird!

Virginie contacted me about headshots at the end of 2023. She was looking for some updated professional headshots and came across my website where she saw some of my headshot work. We had a phone call about what she was looking for and she mentioned that she feels a little awkward and shy about having her photos taken. I promised her that it would be fun and she wouldn’t feel weird because I am a total weirdo! HAHA! I told her that we would have a ton of fun and fun we had!

Are you like Virginie? Are you afraid to invest money in headshots because you don’t know if you’ll like your photos? I promise you will! Let’s do this! Check out Virginie’s headshots below. I absolutely LOVE how they came out and she even got some extras! You can see more of my headshots here!

Scotch Plains, NJ | Headshot Photography

Recent Headshots!

I’ve been doing a good amount of professional headshots lately and I freakin’ love them! I have a variety of backdrop colors that I use for these sessions and I really enjoy playing with colors. One thing I’ve noticed I’m drawn to is how color choices can really enhance and pick up natural skin tones. I have always been interested in color theory and I really want to delve deeper into the power of color and how colors can compliment one another.

I consider my headshots to be a bit more artistic than what most people think of when they hear “headshots”. For me, there’s definitely more involved than having a camera. And I also think a headshot should capture your personality. That can be done in a number of ways. Your hair style, makeup, posing, outfit choice all work together to tell a story; the story of YOU! But another way we can do that is through COLOR! And that doesn’t mean that it has to be BOLD color. It can be subtle, monochromatic, feminine, soft, and of course it CAN be bold too!

While there are so many challenges with the world we are living in today, there are some things that I truly love about these times. We are more open minded and able to present ourselves in a more meaningful way through pictures. Humankind has always had a propensity for storytelling. It’s one of the things I love most about photography. It is a challenge for sure, but to be able to capture and tell a story through one single image literally gives me life. And I even strive to do that with my headshot photography.

Headshot Guides

I recently started sending out a professional headshot guide to my Clients to help them plan for their session. I think it is helpful to think about color and style choices of outfits for their session. But it also gives them the power to interpret it in their own unique way.


Another suggestion I give is to use Pinterest. Create a board and pin pictures of professional headshots that you love. This can help you see the types of posing, outfits, colors and composition that you are drawn to. Not only does it help them get inspiration and ideas, but it is helpful for your photographer! It gives ME inspiration. It gets me excited to work with you and capture you in a way that you are bound to love!


So anywho, here are some of the headshots I’ve been doing recently. I put so much into my work and it really makes me feel so special that the photographs that I make for people could play an important part in getting them that next big promotion or job! I love giving people confidence and I’m telling you…a FIRE (yeah I have a teenager) headshot can give you a big confidence boost!

Want to know more?

Head on over to my headshot page to read more about my headshots and see the work I do!


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