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NJ Family Photographer | Chatham, NJ

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of photographing this wonderful extended family in Chatham. This was a referral from one of my Clients who I not only have been able to photograph in the past, but also someone who I have called “friend” for close to 30 years! I know, I can’t believe I’m that old either LOL! And I have to take a minute to say that I am so grateful for these friends and for their referrals. Most of my clients find me from referrals and I wouldn’t be where I am today without you. And many of these referrals become my friends. Thank you Kim for introducing me to your friend and her beautiful family.

Nichole is momma to 3 beautiful girls. And when we started planning our shoot she mentioned how she wanted to have the session in her backyard and we were hopeful that the flowers would be in bloom and the grass would be green. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint! We had to reschedule at least once due to rain, but the sun showed up for her session. And oh boy did it show up! Her backyard was magical and so was her family!

Here are some of my favorite images from our outdoor family session.

NJ Family Photographer | The Engelsons

What a gift it is to be able to watch families grow over time. To be trusted to document them. I feel so privileged when a family chooses me, my photography, in an area so heavily saturated with photographers! Some families have their portraits taken year after year. And when they come back to me, I don’t take it for granted. I know that this is a very special thing.

This is one of those families. And I truly love them for it. I don’t ALWAYS shoot into the sun. It’s actually quite challenging, especially when it comes to the editing. And most of this session was shot that way; into direct sunlight. But I love the magical quality it has created in these images.

As a mom of 2 boys myself, I have a strong familiarity to the boy energy. After we had to reschedule our original session date due to weather, we almost had to reschedule again because the night before the youngest found himself in the ER! Lets just say he had a run-in with a trampoline and the trampoline won this one. But he was a TOTAL TROOPER! He got stitches and rallied for our photo session. He was smiling and laughing and man, was I impressed!

I love seeing the bond between brothers. Again, maybe because I love seeing it between my own boys…but I’ve realized that it’s more than that. I love connections between people…the bonds they have with their pets, with the places they love…and it is my calling to capture these connections.

So it comes down to this.

I don’t want to “take pictures”.

I don’t want to be “a photographer”.

I want to capture connections. I want to be an artist. I may not be able to take the love that I see between people, places and things and stuff it into a bottle for us to hold onto forever, but I can do the closest thing I can think of. I can capture these connections and feelings the only way I know how; through imagery – ART.

And if you’re on the search for a connection capturing artist, hit me up 😉

NJ Newborn Photographer | Caden

How lucky am I that I get to do this for a living??? Believe me, there is not a day that goes by that I do not thank my lucky stars. And as a busy momma, I don’t get out much. Not even to see friends or family. So sometimes I get to see them when they book a session with me. Y’all don’t know how much that means to me; truly.

Caden is such a sweet, even tempered little baby. He was so good during our session (can a baby even be bad? Is that even a thing?). He let me pose him and cuddle him and snuggle. Fun Fact: I pretty much cry at some point during every newborn session I do. I am so overwhelmed by the beauty of all of it. Of life, of this new little being, these incredible, pure and innocent little souls. And I get to be with them during the most magical time of their lives (in my opinion).

And the moms (dads too of course), but the MOMS. My appreciation for and awe of women is immeasurable. I don’t know if it is because of my own experiences. I guess that must be part of it. But women…what we do. What we go through. The changes to our bodies, to our mind, to our emotions to our SOUL. We don’t come back from that. Once we go through pregnancy, we are forever changed. There’s no going back. Sure, this may be my opinion, but I feel it in my own soul. How lucky am I that I get to be with them, sit with them, hold their babies, at probably the most vulnerable time in their life. To listen to their stories of childbirth. Of fear, of strength, of sadness, of overwhelming love and joy. We are souls having a human experience and I feel that most when I am with a mom and her new baby.

So I may have gone off on a tangent there, but HI! My name is Joan Marie and it is a pleasure to meet you. This is me… and

THIS IS CADEN…and OWEN!!! Have you EVER?!? <3

NJ Family Photograper | Union County

I photographed the beautiful love and connection between multiple generations a week ago and it was nothing short of magical. Lori and her sister, Amy, both went to my high school and it was so much fun being able to reconnect and witness the love they share for Mimi and their children.

Amy has 2 GORGEOUS sons, around the same ages as mine. If you don’t have 2 boys or more…you might not understand what that can be like. But I do! In fact, Amy’s sons went to preschool with mine (an interesting fact that neither of us realized until quite a ways into the school year). And I was blown away by their personalities and ability to “hang out” and converse with me. I haven’t seen them for maybe FOUR years now and I can’t describe the joy I feel being able to see how little boys have grown.

Lori was in my graduating class (I won’t say the year ;)). And the last time I saw her was when I took newborn pictures of her little Olivia. Olivia was the tiniest little peanut when I met her and now she has grown into a beautiful little girl. Lori has since been blessed with another beautiful daughter since I last saw her and I was able to meet her during our Sunday family session. Poor little Zoe was less than thrilled that I was interrupting her nap time, but she persevered and I managed to get some adorable shots of her too.

Maybe the most touching part of my session was the reason for it. Lori and Amy gifted this session to their mom, Mimi, for a Birthday present. They wanted to document the love between their Mom and children. This, this right here people, is what makes my heart Split Open and Melt (props to you if you got this Phish reference). But in all seriousness, this is what gives me life. And I saw the love between all of them. I witnessed it for myself. And it was beautiful and heart breaking and amazing and inspiring and ALL THE THINGS. And I hope that I was able to document that for them in the images that I delivered.

At the end of our session a beautiful butterfly appeared, and all the kids new that it must be their Great Grandma letting us know that she too was a part of our special morning.

This is my purpose and I am so grateful for the people who choose me to do this work.

Thank you, Hart Girls! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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