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High School Senior Portraits | Model Call | Scotch Plains, NJ

Where my Seniors at??

So I don’t know about you, but I’m just going to come right out and say it. High School Seniors today are WAY cooler than when I was a Senior! From the makeup to their taste in style. They seem so much more grown up looking than I did in the goofy picture that I have to remember my Senior year.

Maybe that is part of the problem? Photography has evolved so much since I was 17! Like there was only one way of doing Senior portraits. Put on an outfit that is SO NOT who you are as a person, go lean up against a tree in a weird way that you would never do in real life, and smile akwardly at some random dude you’ve never met or talked to in your whole life as if this is all natural. Ugh! NOPE! Hard PASS!

And when I THINK back to my Senior year, I have GREAT memories! Memories of my friends, my favorite band, the sports I played, my family <3. THAT’S what we should have captured in my Senior Portraits! Me wearing my favorite pair of jeans and my favorite hippie band shirt! That’s who I was! THAT’S the person that I remember, and it surely is NOT the person I see in those Senior Portrait photos I took and that my parents paid ALOT of money for!

What makes my Senior Portraits stand out?

What I do for my High School Seniors is much different. It’s not just about taking pictures. It is about TRULY connecting with them. Listening to them. I want to learn about the UNIQUE person that they are and I want to capture the REAL them! It is an EXPERIENCE. Not only do we have a great time during our shoot, but we all leave on cloud nine, feeling confident, seen, heard, loved and valued. I swear, I am not exaggerating! It is a major feeling of empowerment! I think EVERYONE should experience this!

I invite Families to come and join in for a family portrait, encourage my Senior to bring a bestie along for the experience and a portrait of the 2 of them. Because THESE are the things that matter.

So why invest in a High School Senior portrait session? Because it only happens once. And it is a HUGE milestone for our babies! They are about to set off onto the next phase of their lives, whatever and WHEREVER that may be! It is exciting and new and these images help us encapsulate the NOW.

Model Call Opportunity!

I am currently looking for 12th graders to do a model call for an upcoming promotional shoot. The dates are TBD, but I am looking to schedule 1 or 2 dates in September. Each child will have about 10 minutes in front of the camera and will receive 4 files that they can share on social media. But that’s not all! The models that we select will also receive $100 off of a full Senior Session!

Do you want to apply for our model call? Do you know a High School Senior who would be interested in this opportunity? Please share and click the link below to apply:


High School Senior Portraits | Scotch Plains, NJ | Joan Marie

The Senior Experience

Remember when you first looked into their eyes? The first time you inhaled that sweet newborn smell? Holding your very own little miracle that you created and brought into the world? Can you believe how far they’ve come? How far YOU’VE come?

I get to witness a very special and unique experience and journey. The eyes of the new parents; the worry, the love, the moments of overwhelming gratitude. We take beautiful newborn pictures that you will look back on for years to come. And one day, you are looking at these newborn pictures saying “I can’t believe you’re going to be a Senior in High School”. And all of those feelings come flooding back.

But they are different now. New worries, a new type of love, and the gratitude. I am blessed to take those FIRST portraits of your children and then the LAST portraits of your children before they are off to college, starting the next chapter of their lives, embarking on adulthood. But we know…they will ALWAYS be that little baby in your eyes <3 And my goal is to show you that little baby, but also that beautiful individual that they have become.

I love Senior Portrait Sessions because I love to capture people. But I especially love taking portraits of these amazing kids who are coming into themselves. To tell their story through my lens. Encapsulating who they are here and now and to show them how awesome they are. As a result, we get fun, authentic, true and empowering images. And everyone leaves these sessions feeling a sense of joy and excitement and connection.

The Senior Experience is a unique way to tell your Senior’s story. Sessions are typically 1-2 hours with time for location and outfit changes. Contact The Studio to schedule your consultation today and let’s start planning your Senior’s Session!



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