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Dating Profile Session | Somerset, NJ

“Do or do not, there is no try”

I really enjoyed hanging out with and getting to know Tim. He had a location in mind for our shoot and I’m so happy he introduced me to it! Actually, truth is that I’ve heard of this place for awhile, but just never had a chance to get there. And funny thing…lol. We got there and I was so impressed by the gardens that I was just wide eyed thinking of all the potential photo ops. I got to talking to one of the groundskeepers and that’s when I was informed that I needed a permit to shoot in the gardens. DOH! I mean, I kind of figured when I saw it. But I’m an idiot and literally walked right by the sign that said you need a permit. And then she tells me there is also a ROSE GARDEN there! So if you want to shoot at a rose garden, hit me up! Just know that a permit is required!

So after that slightly embarrassing situation, we took a stroll nearby and continued our shoot. Tim already had an idea of the types of shots he wanted and I think we got just what he was looking for!

I always have my dating profile clients fill out a questionnaire before our shoot. It really helps me go into the shoot with a feeling that I already know them a bit. And I always find out something interesting about them! What I learned about Tim is that he threw the javelin in high school! I mean, what?!? That is pretty cool! He is active and it seems like Summer is his time of year because he likes to go down the shore, get some sun and go kayaking or bike riding. Not only that, but his ideal date would be having drinks; cocktails or craft beers. Where are my craft beer girls at?!

When I do dating profile sessions I like to try and incorporate hobbies or interests in the images we create. One of the things that Tim enjoys is cooking. So we talked about getting some shots of him preparing one of his favorites that he could enjoy later with his family. What was it you ask? Well it was SAUCE and meatballs. And yes, we both say “sauce” not “gravy”. Fight me. LOL! An interesting thing that Tim told me is that one of his relatives, I think his Aunt, published a family cookbook! And I was surprised when he put pieces of pepperoni (I think it was pepperoni) into the sauce. I am definitely going to try that! I bet it’s delicious!

What are the 3 most important things you’re looking for in a partner?

– Active
– Family oriented
– Easy going

So if you’re looking for a nice Italian Jersey Boy who enjoys cooking, spending time with family and friends, being active in the Summer Sun, but is also down to hang out and get into the latest tv series, then Tim is your guy! P.S. Tim may be a Jersey boy, but he’s got some Country in his soul too…from music to location. He prefers country over the city and is ready to get down to some country tunes!

Tim, I had a great time during our shoot and can’t wait to see where this journey takes you!


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