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Capturing Authenticity: A Dating Photo Session with an Outdoor Enthusiast

As a photographer, there’s nothing quite like the opportunity to capture the genuine essence of someone through my lens. Recently, I had the pleasure of doing a dating photo session with a young man named Febin, whose passion for the great outdoors is both inspiring and infectious. This session was not just about taking pictures; it was about telling Febin’s story, his love for nature, and his vision for a future partner.

Meet Febin: An Adventurous Spirit

Febin is the epitome of an outdoor enthusiast. His weekends are spent hiking through rugged trails, casting lines in serene fishing spots, and soaking up the tranquility of nature. For Febin, the outdoors isn’t just a hobby—it’s a lifestyle. This passion for adventure is something he hopes to share with a partner who values the same zest for life.

The Setting: Embracing Nature’s Beauty

To truly capture Febin’s essence, we chose a location that mirrors his love for nature, but also a bit of city. The backdrop of towering trees, the gentle rustle of leaves, and the glistening water provided the perfect setting for our session.

Capturing Compatibility in Dating Photos

One of the key things Febin is looking for in a partner is compatibility. Someone who he can share his interests with. We started with shots of Febin in his element, hiking along a scenic trail, his expression one of contentment and peace. These dating photos weren’t just about showing Febin enjoying an activity; they were about capturing the type of environment where he feels most himself and hopes to share with someone special.

Seeking a Long-Term Connection

Febin’s desire for a long-term relationship and eventually starting a family was another critical aspect to convey. We aimed to capture the moments that reflect his nurturing and thoughtful side. In a particularly poignant shot, Febin is sitting atop a tree stump. The calm and reflective nature of this image speaks to his desire for stability, a deep connection, and his vision of sharing peaceful moments with a future partner.

To further emphasize this, we captured Febin in a series of more intimate, candid shots—him enjoying a coffee in a picturesque coffe shop. These images tell a story of a man who is ready to settle down and build a future filled with love, respect, and mutual goals.

Emphasizing Physical Compatibility

Physical compatibility is essential for Febin, not just for shared activities but for overall lifestyle synergy.

Conclusion: A Journey Through the Lens

Photographing Febin was an enriching experience. Through my lens, I aimed to encapsulate not just his love for the outdoors, but also his hopes and dreams for a future partner. The images we created together tell a story of a man who is genuine, adventurous, and ready for a lasting connection.

This session reminded me of the power of photography—not just to capture a moment, but to tell a story, to dream, and to inspire. For Febin, these dating photos are more than just a profile; they are a glimpse into his world, his passions, and his heart.

If you’re interested in capturing your own story or showcasing your unique personality in a dating profile, feel free to reach out. Let’s create something beautiful together.

By sharing Febin’s story and vision, we hope to connect him with someone who not only shares his interests but also his values and dreams for the future. See more dating profile sessions here.



I haven’t really made an official announcement yet, but my Studio has moved! It’s literally about 3 blocks away from my previous location, but believe me…it’s no small feat! Between going through all of my props and backdrops and equipment to still physically MOVING it to the new space, it’s been exhausting. Mentally, physically and yeah, even emotionally!


I’m actually kind of freaked out as I am putting these words out into the ether. As most people who know me already know, I am a divorced mom to 2 amazing boys. They are magic. They are MY magic, transformed into two real life human beings. You see, they are very special. They were both born on June 29th.

And they were only 2 and 4 when I got divorced and found myself figuring out what life was going to look like for us. I knew I did not want to go back to my previous career in pharmaceutical meeting planning. I was an artist, an Art Major, who felt that her soul was dying a slow death every day that I denied it it’s true calling. But when I decided to TRUST in a kind of miraculous outcome, it happened. Thanks to one of my best friend’s, Jessica, and a NOW best friend, Jody. It all kind of unfolded into this crazy pattern of events that I will save for another time, but landed me a job in the Photo Department for Bed Bath and Beyond.

I moved to Fanwood in 2016. And everyday, after dropping my sons off at their Elementary school, I would pass a storefront that was vacant, but had something about it. Seymour’s Antiques. I would drive by and say someday that will be my photo studio. As crazy as it sounded to me, I still said it. Over and over. And one day, there was a sign up that it was available for rent. Of course I immediately called the number. I forget what they were asking, but whatever the number, it was well out of reach for me. And so I let that idea die.


In 2019 I lost my job at Bed Bath, along with many others. I was scared and worried and didn’t know what I was going to do. I feverishly reached out to old colleagues trying to figure out where I would go now, what I would do. I had a mortgage and bills and children. Nothing…


But you see, I had been asking for something. I had been silently praying for more time with my kids, a more flexible schedule, something in the creative field that would give me financial freedom. I ASKED FOR THIS. And then I received it. And as many times I ended my prayers with “I am ready to receive”, I wasn’t quite ready to receive THIS!

And then COVID. I was unemployed and now I had a 4th grader and a 2nd grader with special needs at home with me trying to do virtual work while I was trying to find a job. I had been working for a real estate photography company for a brief stint, but that was no longer happening. Who would hire me now??

But…I was LUCKY! I was ALREADY signed up for and receiving unemployment benefits. And they kept getting extended. And while I still felt the stress of being unemployed, the unknown and now COVID, I had exactly what I had asked for. I had a VERY flexible schedule and I had more time with my kids. Not exactly how I envisioned it, but well, isn’t that how the universe works? LOL


And then in 2021 it happened. The “for rent” sign was up again. Right down the street from my sons’s school. A school that I found myself being called to more and more as time passed on. My son has had an IEP since first grade. He’s been on medication since Kindergarten. And he also has had a label of “bad kid” following him around since age 5. He was called a bully and investigated multiple times since then. And the kids and their parents continued that narrative. A narrative that negatively impacted a little boy and his family who were already struggling with invisible disabilities that neither the parents or the school seem to understand, nor did they want to.


Moving to this space would keep me close to home and to his school. And I knew it was not only my chance, but possibly the answer to many of my prayers. Including the one that I made back in 2016 when I claimed that location as my Studio even though I could in no way afford it at the time. And so I jumped. I took a leap of faith. And in May of 2021 I moved into my first commercial space.

I can’t believe that it has been 3 years. And it was not without it’s share of challenges. Friendships suffered, more school issues, financial fears and setbacks. BUT, I am still here! My son was finally granted an out of district placement. In a school where the kids AND the parents understand him. Where he is given grace and compassion. He is stable. And I finally, after 12 years, feel like I am getting my life back. And I am READY TO RECEIVE!

My new space is beautiful. It is new and not falling apart. I owe a big thank you to my friend Sammy, who, without realizing it, contacted me to see if I was interested in a new space 3 months before my lease was up. Again, I am fully supported by the Universe, God, Angels. And I am ALMOST completely moved in. THIS time I am actually going to make an effort to have a Grand Opening. I finally feel like it is my time.

And so I had my little guy, who isn’t so little, come to the new space to work on some lighting since I’m still getting used to the lower ceilings. And our doggy, Roscoe, accompanied us.

Life is weird and crazy and beautiful and unknown and mysterious and magical and hard and all of the things. And I really appreciate this journey that I am on. It is shaping the person that I am and that I am becoming every single day. And I am forever grateful.

Now I have to decide what I want to manifest next 😉


Capturing the Essence of Wellness: A Branding Photography Shoot for M Pilates + Yoga Studio






Capturing the Essence of Wellness: A Branding Photography Shoot for M Pilates + Yoga Studio

As a photographer, I often find myself in diverse settings, each presenting its own unique charm and challenge. Recently, I had the pleasure of collaborating with M Pilates + Yoga Studio. This journey was not just about capturing images; it was about telling a story of wellness, strength, and community.

Before diving into the shoot, I engaged in extensive discussions with the Leanne at M Pilates + Yoga. Understanding their brand identity, values, and vision was paramount in crafting the narrative we wanted to convey through the visuals. So we brainstormed ideas, explored themes, and planned to ensure the photos would authentically represent the studio’s ethos.

Behind the Lens

So, on the day of the shoot, the studio buzzed with energy and enthusiasm. From the tranquil ambiance to the dedicated instructors guiding their clients through graceful movements, every aspect of M Pilates + Yoga breathed life into the frames. The focus of this shoot was to get some headshots and some detailed shots of the studios, equipment and inspirational items found throughout the studio.

Bringing the Brand to Life

Throughout the shoot, I focused on highlighting the unique features that set M Pilates apart. Whether it was the state-of-the-art equipment or the welcoming atmosphere, each image was carefully crafted to showcase the studio’s strengths. From close-up shots to wide-angle captures that portrayed the sense of space and serenity, every photograph was a testament to the studio’s commitment to holistic wellness.

Building a Visual Narrative

But as the shoot progressed, a narrative began to emerge – one of vitality, balance, and empowerment. The images spoke not only to the physical benefits of Pilates but also to the mental and emotional well-being it fosters.

The Final Flourish

Finally, after hours of shooting, we wrapped up the session with a sense of accomplishment and excitement. But the journey didn’t end there. Back at my studio, I carefully curated and edited the images, ensuring they aligned seamlessly with M Pilates + Yoga Studio’s brand aesthetic. The final collection was a testament to our collaboration – a vibrant tapestry of images that encapsulated the essence of the studio.

Working with M Pilates + Yoga Studio was not just a professional endeavor; it was a journey of discovery and creativity. And through our collaboration, we succeeded in capturing the heart and soul of the studio, translating its values and spirit into captivating visuals. Lastly, I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of this process and look forward to next quarter’s Branding shoot!

Capturing Character: A Month in the Studio

Capturing Character: A Month in the Studio

Over the past month, my studio has been buzzing with creativity as I’ve had the pleasure of capturing the essence of numerous individuals through headshot photography. Each session has been a unique journey, a blend of artistry and storytelling, as I endeavor to encapsulate the personality and professionalism of my clients in a single frame.

The Art of Portraiture

In the world of photography, headshots hold a special place. They’re more than just a picture; they’re a visual handshake, a glimpse into the character and competence of the subject. As I prepare for each session, I approach it not just as a technical task but as an opportunity to create something meaningful. From adjusting lighting to directing poses, every aspect is meticulously curated to showcase the best version of my clients.

A Tapestry of Faces

What makes each session truly special is the diversity of faces and stories that grace my studio. From aspiring actors to seasoned professionals, each individual brings their own narrative, their own unique blend of dreams and aspirations.

Through conversation and collaboration, I strive to create an environment where my clients feel comfortable and confident. This allows their true selves to shine through. In these moments of authenticity, magic happens, resulting in headshots that not only capture a likeness but also a spirit.

But my role doesn’t end with the click of the shutter. In post-production, I meticulously fine-tune each image, ensuring that every detail is just right. From color correction to retouching, my goal is to deliver headshots that not only meet but exceed my clients’ expectations.

The Attitude of Gratitude

When I look back on the past month, I’m filled with gratitude for the opportunity to do what I love. Each session has been a reminder of the power of photography to capture moments, memories, and milestones. As I prepare for the month ahead, I do so with renewed passion and purpose, eager to continue telling stories one headshot at a time.

And in the fast-paced world we live in, it’s easy to overlook the significance of a simple headshot. But behind every image lies a wealth of emotion, experience, and identity waiting to be discovered. As I continue on this journey, I’m reminded of the profound privilege it is to be a storyteller, one frame at a time.

Black and White Personality Portraits

Pop-up Event!

I’m excited to announce that I am collaborating with Willow Street Boutique for a Pop-up Event this week! I will be at their Summit location on Thursday and in Morristown on Friday! The investment for the session is 199. Each session will also include 1 digital file with a complimentary 8×10 (250 value).

These are great gifts for Mother’s & Father’s Day not only for the parents but the grandparents too! Or maybe you need a new profile picture for your socials? Images will be shot on a white backdrop and converted to black and white. It is encouraged to come in a clean plain white or black shirt with clean faces. Especially for those little ones!

You must pre-register for the event and can do so at the links below. I hope to see you there!


Thursday, May 2nd, 2024


Friday, May 3rd, 2024


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