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Holiday Photo | Mini Sessions 2023 | Scotch Plains, NJ

NJ Holiday Photos

We had such a fun time this year at our Holiday Mini Sessions! This year’s backdrop for our family holiday photos was a rustic fireplace set with an exposed brick wall and wreath above the mantle. It made for the perfect backdrop for our Christmas set. And we even had our own little Santa show up for the shoot <3.

These sessions are quick 20 minute sessions and include a certain number of digital files. This year’s session included 5 retouched digital files. Families always have the option to add on additional files a la carte.

Oh the controversy!!

In the photography world, there is a lot of controversy around mini sessions LOL! Some people won’t do them at all. And I get it! It really depends on how you are running them and what you are including and the setups you are using. Doing it the “wrong” way can leave photographers burnt out, unappreciated and undervalued. And that’s not fun for anyone!

But mini family holiday photo sessions can be good for families who are looking for fun updated photos of their kids but may not want to have a full family session with print products. Some families DO want a full family session and create beautiful wall art for their home! The good news? I offer a little bit of both and something for everyone :). Oh and I already have next year’s backdrop ready to go! And omg it’s AWESOME!

You do you!

But hey, at the end of the day, we are all individuals and can make our own choices and run our businesses the way that makes the most sense for us. And right now I am really happy with the way I did things this year and I’m looking forward to doing more of the same! Hint, Hint…there will be more fun mini sessions coming up!!! Want to be the first to know? You can sign up for my mini session email list here 👇🏻

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This year I also dedicated one of my mini session days to include dogs! And we had some really cute ones show up for their photos! I mean, do I have the best job or what???

Newborn Photography NJ | Chatham

One month of sweetness <3

Sometimes mommas contact me after baby has been born to schedule their Newborn shoot. And while we (speaking for Newborn Photographers across the world) always recommend booking in advance, we understand that is not always what happens. Why? Well, because, LIFE! Life in general can be crazy and busy and overwhelming. Now throw in growing a baby in your belly and all the planning that takes place just to be prepared for the baby!

What’s the best age for a newborn shoot?

All Newborn Photographers have different thoughts on the “ideal” time to photograph a newborn. And the windows can vary greatly. Some don’t take on Newborns after they reach a certain age, like oh, I don’t know, over 2 weeks. And while that may sound crazy calling a 2 week old baby “too old”, the reality is that the photographer doesn’t believe they will be able to deliver the images that they would be happy with. So thank them for being honest with you and themself about it! It CAN get more difficult to do a newborn shoot as the baby gets older because they are awake more often and can be more difficult to pose.

Then there are also some photographers who legit don’t have any availability for a newborn session because they have a full calendar of shoots that were booked 6 months before baby was born.

But the good news is…there are a lot of us! Especially here in NJ! With various price ranges and packages and experience and props and equipment and training. There is no shortage of Newborn Photographers in NJ to choose from. 🙂

And I am so happy that I had availability on my calendar when this momma called me. I actually only take a number of Newborn Sessions a month so that I am able to accommodate parents who didn’t have a chance to book months in advance. He was just super adorable and so were his big sis and bro!

So Ladies and Gentlemen, I now present to you, this adorably handsome little boy Mateyko…

Newborn Photography NJ | Scotch Plains

2nd Time Around

I truly get so excited when one of my Mommas contacts me to let me know that they are expecting! Leanne is one of those mommas! I’m not sure if she feels the same way, but I genuinely feel like we have become friends over the years since she started coming to me for her family photos. It seems to happen that way. And it only makes sense since I literally get to celebrate the most important milestones with them! When you love what you do, and you have families who can see that and feel it in your energy, it really feels like such a complete blessing.

Rosanna Lynne

Do you want to hear the most adorable and sweetest thing you’ve ever heard??? Leanne and her husband, Rich, have a daughter named Violet who just turned 2 (check out her newborn session here or her cake smash from last summer here). She is a little sweetheart! When they were coming up with a name for their second baby, they decided on Rosanna Lynne. Leanne told me that Rich came up with that name because, are you ready? Because he wanted to have a LITTLE GARDEN!!! Are you KIDDING ME!?! How ridiculously cute is that??

Well Rosanna Lynne came earthside and we had such a beautiful session. Her mom owns a Pilates and Yoga Studio in Garwood, NJ called M Pilates and Yoga (go check them out!). And I’m telling you, Leanne is just so chill. I think she passed that on to both of her girls because they both were great with posing and letting me do my thing!

One day Leanne stopped by my studio and saw a backdrop that I was thinking about selling and she pointed it out and mentioned she would love to incorporate it in her session. Who am I to deny her of this!??! I was also probably looking for any reason NOT to sell one of my backdrops anyway LOL. I’m so glad I was able to use it in her session too!

Leanne, Rich, Violet and Rosanna – I love you guys! You feel more like friends than Clients and I am so grateful and thankful for you! I hope you love the images we captured and I cannot wait to get your album! XOXO

Scotch Plains, NJ | Family Photographer | Joan Marie Photography

Family Photography

Family portrait photography allows me to experience the joy in connecting with the beautiful humans (and pets) that I meet. I encourage potential clients to choose a photographer that they connect with; whose work speaks to them. We are your voice. We are the creators of visual documentation and content of you/for you; your life, your family.

I take a very limited number of Family and End of Life Pet Sessions per year. I enjoy a more documentary approach to this type of Photography with a mix of posed. The in between moments are the ones that I love most! Did you say in Home Family Session? Yes please!!

If this sounds like you, let’s take the next step and get you on my schedule! Contact The Studio today!

NJ Newborn | Violet | Scotch Plains, NJ

Time sure flies

I recently did a newborn photography blog post about Baby Rosanna and I realized that I must not have blogged about big sis, Violet! How is that possible? Oh, I know now, the last 3 years have been a total blur and life has been crazy! That’s how!

So since I never did post pics from Violet’s Newborn session (or maybe I did and now I just can’t find it), I figured I would post some now and backdate it! LOL! Don’t judge me! Hey, at least I posted her cake smash!

Here are some of the images from a couple of years ago when little Violet first joined us, Earthside!


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