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Italian Restaurant in Scotch Plains

Grano Pizzeria and Italian Tavern

Antonino LoCascio

Grano Pizzeria and Italian Tavern

Scotch Plains, NJ

I recently had the pleasure of photographing Grano Pizzeria and Italian Tavern, an Italian Restaurant on Park Avenue in Scotch Plains, NJ for Scotch Plains City Lifestyle. We were happily greeted by Nino who is the owner and chef! In addition to getting shots of the interior, he made some dishes for us to photograph as well. And OMG…I even had the opportunity to try out the food he made and it was AMAZING! And I especially loved the pepperoni pizza that had the sweet honey drizzled on it. How have I never had that combination before??? Trust me, you HAVE to try it!

Besides the amazing menu they offer at Grano, they have a really gorgeous bar. It is the perfect place to enjoy a cocktail or share some appy’s with some friends. And although I have not attended yet, Nino occasionally hosts Sunday brunches which look like a blast with music and mimosas! Whoever is running their social media is really good about posting so be sure to follow Grano’s instagram and Chef Nino’s where you can catch him doing lives and sharing some delicious recipes!

So if you are looking for an amazing Italian restaurant in Scotch Plains, look no further! Grano has it all, and it is absolutely mouth watering delicioso!

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First Birthday Family Shoot | Scotch Plains, NJ

cake smash, first birthday

I love you Paisley…oh yes I dooooo…

What a very special shoot this was for me! It was 3 generations of strong, beautiful, smart and awesome ladies who wanted to do a First Birthday Family shoot! We talked about so many things. Paisley’s grandma raised her daughter on her own. She made sacrifices that single mothers do to make sure that her daughter would have all the opportunities that she could. And well, she did a great job! Her daughter is so smart and has an amazing career and now she is blessed with this beautiful daughter. And now they all get to dote on her and continue the tradition of raising brave, smart and strong women!

I am so grateful I was able to capture these images of the 3 of them for Paisley’s first birthday. And I am forever thankful to have had this experience with and met all of you!

There are so many options when it comes to the type of shoot you can book for your little one’s first birthday! I always include family posing and child posing when I do cake smashes too! You can learn more about those sessions here!

Paisley, you are one ADORABLE little girl! Those CHEEKS!!!

Dog Photos | Pet Portraits

Zena (with a “z”) Warrior Princess!

Zena’s mom and dad reached out to me wanting to get some printed portraits of their baby Zena. Although Zena isn’t a baby. I believe she is about 5 years old. But dang, she has some puppy energy!

I love that about photography. I can be photographing Newborns one day and then dogs the next! Have you seen my dog photos? No? Well, you can see more of them here.

Mountain Dogs

Zena is a Entlebucher Mountain Dog, a breed related to the Bernese Mountain dogs. If you know anything about Bernies, you know that they are BIG dogs! They’re awesome actually. And lately you may have seen some Bernese Mountain Dogs mixed with Poodles, yielding the Bernedoodle! These dogs are so beautiful and I especially love their coloring. You can see the relation between Zena and the Bernies by their coloring for sure! I took an adorable photo of my friend’s Bernedoodle, Dexter, a couple of years ago. Here he is after stopping by my neighbor’s place, Simply Groomed.

dog photos

Say Cheese for your dog photos!

We took a ton of photos of Zena and in the end her mom and dad chose these 2 final images for their selections. And I have to say, I think they picked some good ones!

I don’t think it occurs to many people to have their dog photos done, but I love it! And they ARE a part of our family so why wouldn’t we want some portraits of them to hang around the home?

Birthday Photos | Cake Smash Photography | Scotch Plains, NJ

cake smash photography nj

Little Warrior!

What a special day having Ari back to The Studio for her Birthday Photos! This little beauty has come such a long way in her short little life (and so have her parents)!

Ari’s mom came to me looking for a photographer to take Newborn photos of her baby girl who I believe was already close to 3 months old. Alot of photographers won’t shoot a Newborn after they reach 2 weeks old. And there is nothing wrong with that. It isn’t personal. They just may not feel like they will be able to get those beautiful sleepy, cuddly, newborn shots after that small window.

I said YES for the Birthday Girl!

You see, Ari spent the first couple of months in the hospital because she was born early. Regardless, I will never turn down a newborn because of their age. I know that I can get at least some of those shots. I will set realistic expectations and then if it goes great, even better! You can see more of Ari’s newborn session here.

Ari’s mom had a Little Mermaid theme in mind for her Birthday Photos. And while I don’t normally do themed cake smashes (I like to keep it simple), I couldn’t say no! I mean…The Little Mermaid’s name is ARIEL!! ARI – ARIEL…get it?? It took me a minute but then I put it together LOL. So that’s what we did! But I include parent poses and birthday portraits in addition to the cake portion so we actually got alot of variety of this little peanut! And Ari’s parents got the most BEAUTIFUL velvet album to display them in. Something they will be able to look through with Ari for years and eventually be able to hand down to her. I am a SUCKER for beautiful albums!!

Here are some of the images we captured of Baby Ari with those big beautiful eyes <3

How can I book?

If you are interested in scheduling a cake smash or first birthday portraits, fill out the form on the bottom of this page.

Baby Photos | Scotch Plains, NJ

The Early Bear gets the Worm?

Momma was still scheduling her baby photos when Little Baby Noah came earthside earlier than expected. And momma had an HOUR drive to the hospital! What a warrior! She made it just in time for this beautiful little guy to show up.

Mom liked the idea of using sage green for Noah’s session and what a great choice that was! The color was perfect for him! Oh, and did I mention his beautiful HAIR??? OMG, I die!!!!

It’s a Family Affair!

We started the session with family portraits and big brother Matteo was so sweet with his little brother. He wanted to make sure that he was safe and wanted to help in all the ways including holding the pacifier for lil’ bro. We ended up getting some really beautiful family portraits. But this photo….this one right here…it takes the cake! It has my whole heart! I love a good family portrait. But do you know what I love even more?? The IN BETWEEN photos. The ones where not everyone is looking at the camera. The ones where you see GENUINE connection between people. The ones where you capture LOVE!

Do you see Abuela looking down at Noah? And Noah looking back at her?? And then Mom and Dad looking at big bro and big bro looking at me??? THIS!!! It’s EVERYTHING!

A girl, her camera and baby photos

I’ve been doing photography literally my whole life. I’ve always had a camera. But most people don’t the time, the studying, the work that goes into what we do. From setup to breakdown, the photoshoot, the editing. It’s alot of work. But when you LOVE what you do, it really pays off. I want to share a quick little example of what I’m talking about.

Noah was having a difficult time “settling” during our session. But towards the end, he finally did. And he was in a green romper. And when a baby finally settles after a long time working with them, the less you mess with them, the better. I was NOT about to take that little outfit off of him. We did a setup in a really cute marshmallow bucket. Mom loved it and chose it as one of her final images. But for me, I wanted it to match the bucket better. And with all my knowledge and experience with editing, that’s exactly what I did. Take a look at the before and after…

Before and After photos

The rest of the baby photos!

Without further ado, here are the final images that momma selected for her Collection. There were so many good ones, but these were the overall winners! Plus another one that I worked on as well because, well, it’s gorgeous 🙂


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