I gotta say, I LOVE KIDS! Sometimes I think I love them more than adults LOL! Is that bad? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m not a huge fan of the melt downs or the booger covered faces. But there is so much I DO love about them! The toothy (and toothless) grins, the dimpley cheeks, the freckles, the lack of filter! HAHA! The REMINDER that the world still has so much magic in it seems to always be there when I am around kids. It has a way of grounding me and letting me be playful and feel like a kid myself again. It’s an amazing thing actually and they should figure out a way to bottle that up! I don’t know who “they” is, but you get my point.

I love capturing all the stages of kids. Obviously as a Newborn Photographer I love newborn shoots, but there are so many stages that I love. 6 months when they are starting to sit up, 9 months, a YEAR! Because, damn, how did we make it through that! HA!

Then you have when they lose their first tooth, when they start to find their sass, when they graduate elementary school! Then we can get into 8th grade and high school! There are really so many significant stages in our children’s lives and ultimately they are our’s too.


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