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Meet Juliana!

I have been busy with Newborns lately and just sent out this little girl’s gallery. What a beautiful little girl she was!

Her grandmother actually contacted me wanting to GIFT a newborn session to her daughter. I can’t think of a more amazing gift! Can you? Man, I wish someone gifted that to me when I had my babies…I definitely was not the photographer then that I am now LOL.

These sessions are not lost on me. I love sitting and talking with the parents about their birth, their adoption, their story. I feel like I always get something out of these talks. Sometimes I even find out a connection we have with one another such as mutual friends, life experiences, etc. It’s another part of the “job” that I really love. Human connection. And the magical first weeks with the new life that has entered this world. What a blessing!

So grateful for this!

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