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From Louisville, KY to NJ to dating photos!

As an online dating photographer I have the pleasure of meeting so many cool and interesting people from all over. Vincent contacted me about doing photos for his dating profile. He was coming from South Jersey and I always like to try and make the location mutually convenient, as much as I can. Also, I saw this as a great opportunity to check out a Cafe that I have been wanting to visit. My son’s friend told me about a place that her mom owns and it looked so damn cute! And the menu? OMG, mouth watering! It’s called Hatch 44 and it’s located about 20 minutes from me in Metuchen. The ONLY downside was that I had JUST went back on keto and it was torture looking at the delicious items on the tables around me! If you’re ever in the area you HAVE to check it out!

But back to my time with Vincent, or Vincenzo, as I was calling him by the end of our time together 😊. As a dating photographer, I have to say, sometimes I notice things AFTER the session while I am editing my Client’s dating photos. And one thing that I kept thinking as I was working on his gallery was that he reminds me of a young Christian Slater! For those of you who aren’t familiar with who that is, you should. Take a look here and let me know what you think!

Farm to Table

Vincent was a pleasure to hang out with and talk to. We talked about growing up in Kentucky, farms and animals and the differences between here and his “home”. And we also talked about our experiences skiing out west, something we both really enjoyed!

Our photography session was shortly after Thanksgiving and he had just gotten back from visiting with his mom. The way he spoke about her and her cooking was so sweet. His eyes lit up and you could just see the love he has for her. He told me about her home cooking and how delicious it is!

So as I mentioned, Vincent and I met up at the cafe and shared some conversation while we sipped coffee and hot chocolate. He even had an empanada that looked delicious, but…keto 😭 He was a joy to converse with and radiated positive energy and joy. He loves skiing, hiking and video games. One of his faves is Sonic, which I played ALL THE TIME when I was younger. Also, he is a genuinely nice and interesting guy. I’ll share a little bit about him here:

Do you have any hobbies?

Hiking, skiing, kayaking, camping, history, coding, gaming, anime.

What brings you joy?

Long days at the museum or in the mountains. Spending time with friends and family. Good food.

What is your ideal date?

A day hiking while swapping stories, followed by some fancy food, then video games or TV.

What are the 3 most important things you’re looking for in a partner?

  • Open mindedness
  • Energy
  • Common interests

Who is your hero and why?

It was my grandfather. Great academic and vocation success as doctor; successful marriage of nearly 60 years; involved with charity throughout life; amazing father and grandfather.

What is the one thing you can’t live without?


Here are the photos that we created together! And Vincenzo, I hope you find the love that you so much deserve to have! And he’s not in a rush, he is patient and has no problem waiting for the right one to come along! He even took the time to leave me a 5 star google review 😊🫶🏻 Thanks, Vincent!!

The photoshoot!

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